ISO:14001 – is it really voluntary?

SMEs represent the largest sector in the global economy. Therefore it is essential that this cohort understand the growing need and expectation for improved sustainability, and how they as a sector can contribute through the implementation of relevant and effective Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

8 Common Pitfalls of Decision Making

Making good decisions has never been more important or more difficult for businesses. This video briefly talks about the eight traps decision makers fall into without realising it! Although we cannot eliminate these pitfalls, being aware of them can help you manage them and mitigate the negative effects.

Green & Lean – What’s stopping SMEs?

I was inspired to write this article by three visionary and innovative entrepreneurs I had the pleasure of meeting in August, whose products and services not only help make Irish society more environmentally responsible and sustainable, but will save businesses a lot of money by eliminating unnecessary waste! Did you know…… There are more than…

Is ISO:9001 worth it?

With an initial outlay of anywhere between €5.5k to €15k and annual costs of €1-€2.5k many businesses rightly question the value of ISO:9001 and whether or not they will see a positive return on their investment. If the decision to implement an ISO:9001 Quality Management System is internally motivated and implemented correctly then the answer…

Remote Working – I’m just not convinced!

The unprecedented working from home experiment that has been forced upon businesses of all shapes and sizes appears to be somewhat of a surprising success. A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review (Bernstein et al, 2020) indicates positive feedback from employees with regards to their ability to adapt and increased productivity. For their…