Don’t let Compliance overshadow Change!

One of the primary objectives of SFDR is the standardisation of environmental data and performance indicators allowing transparent comparability for end investors. Not surprisingly there is a concern is that the ‘compliance burden’ could be considerable, and indeed for some smaller organisations prohibitive.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive 101

On the 21st of April the European Commission released its proposal for a new corporate reporting directive that focuses on sustainability. The scope and impact of this Directive cannot be understated. It is widely accepted that the objectives and targets are ambitious, reflecting the urgency of the challenges that face Europe, in particular with regards to Climate Change.

The Art of Pricing

As a member of the BNI networking group I get to do a 10 minute presentation on an aspect of my business. This is my most recent presentation to my chapter on “The Art of Pricing”. The objective is to give you an broad overview of the process involved in developing an effective Pricing Strategy and the value of a pricing toolkit tailored to your business needs.

ISO:14001 – is it really voluntary?

SMEs represent the largest sector in the global economy. Therefore it is essential that this cohort understand the growing need and expectation for improved sustainability, and how they as a sector can contribute through the implementation of relevant and effective Environmental Management Systems (EMS).