Carol McGee

On receiving a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance from DCU I proceeded to qualify as a Management and Cost Accountant in 1999 and remain a member of the Association of Chartered Management Accountants. Having spent the initial part of my career acquiring extensive and project specific experience with two Fortune 500 companies in Technology and Engineering sectors.



ESG Strategic Planning

An organisation's strategic plan defines its direction, providing management with a clear road-map in a framework of shared organisational values. I will assist your organisation in writing an effective and dynamic ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)/Sustainability strategic plan that will be easy to communicate to your stakeholders and remain relevant in the context of your organisation for the entire duration of the plan.


An effective governance structure will form the foundation for the successful management of an organisations environmental and social responsibilities. Through the implementation of appropriate integration and control mechanisms effective governance provides guidance to the organisation in the implementation of it's ESG plan. A robust governance model supported by integrated technology systems is proven to be the most effective way to manage environmental and social risk, protecting an organisation's stakeholders and the society in which it operates.

Sustainability and Resources

The implementation of an organisation's ESG Plan is the process of making decisions regarding the allocation of the organisation's resources to pursue business objectives that are sustainable in the long term. Business process mapping measures the value and cost of all activities throughout the life-cycle of your products or services. Investing in this process to include a social and environmental dimension will give your organisation the data required to make informed decisions, ensuring you are optimizing resources in a sustainable way. As a cost accountant with comprehensive industry experience I am uniquely qualified to effectively implement LEAN/Six Sigma processes. I have a particular interest in LEAN/Green programs that improve an organisations sustainability whilst significantly reducing costs.

ESG Compliance & Reporting

In June 2020 the European Commission (EC) introduced the Sustainable Finance Taxonomy Regulation EU 2020/852, defining sustainability and prescribing in law a classification system for sustainable economic activities. Disclosure Regulations and Directives (SFDR and CSRD) were also adopted outlining standardised reporting requirements regarding; the integration of sustainability risk assessment into decision making, the consideration of the impact of operations on the environment and society, and, the reporting of detailed ESG related information.

This legislation will have a far reaching effects for all companies, in particular with regards to supply chain management in the context of 'responsible procurement' and, raising finance in the context of 'responsible finance'. The new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), and IFRS sustainability standards come into effect for 2024 Annual Reports and Sustainability Statements.

I can assist companies in scope for ESG reporting, carry out their Materiality Asssessment and establish their reporting requirements. I will help your organisations with the design, implementation and integration of an effective Environmental or Sustainable Management Reporting System aligned with the relevant standards i.e. ESRS, IFRS, TCFD, GRI.

ESG/Sustainability Director

A significant number of businesses do not have the requirement or the budget for a full time Director with responsibility for ESG/Sustainability. I offer such businesses the expertise and benefits of these roles through the provision of effective retainer and support services.